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The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) discharges multifarious important responsibilities including internal security. In pursuance of the obligations under the Indian constitution, the Ministry of Home Affairs continuously monitors the internal security situation, issues appropriate advisories, shares intelligence inputs, extends manpower and financial support, guidance and expertise to various agencies and State Governments for maintenance of security, peace and harmony. Under the aegis of Ministry of Home Affairs, the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) is the coordinating point for all Drug Law Enforcement Agencies (DLEAs) and endeavors through coordination and cooperation to curb illicit trafficking of drugs and its consumption by supply and demand reduction activities.


Chaired by Union Home Secretary


Chaired by Special Secretary, Internal Security


Chaired by State Chief Secretary


Chaired by District Magistrate


Chaired by Director General, NCB

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National Narcotics Coordination Portal

The multiplicity of stakeholders in Drug Law Enforcement has necessitated coordination between various agencies on real time basis. The Ministry of Home Affairs has constituted a four tier coordination mechanism for increasing coordination amongst the nationwide stakeholders from grass root level to apex level and effectively combating the menace of drugs. The Apex NCORD, Executive NCORD, State NCORD and District NCORD are four pillars of mechanism. In addition to this 04-tier structure Monthly NCORD meetings are chaired by the Director General, NCB. This mechanism aims to bring all agencies on supply, demand and harm reduction side under one umbrella.


Narcotics Control Bureau regularly organizes online and offline events such as drug disposal, International day against drug abuse, International meetings, drives on digital solutions to monitor problems of drug trafficking, drives for arrest of absconders etc.

DG, NCB Satya Pradhan met with Dr. Rahul Gupta, Director

DG, NCB Satya Pradhan met with Dr. Rahul Gupta, Director, Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP), USA today at NCB HQ & discussed ongoing mutual cooperation in drug control mechanism and the way forward.

Bilateral meeting on drug matters held b/w delegations of NCB & Maldives on the sidelines of NMFT conference in Delhi.

Bilateral meeting on drug matters held b/w delegations of NCB & Maldives on the sidelines of NMFT conference in Delhi. DDG (Ops),NCB had fruitful discussion with Hon’ HM, Maldives on matters incl. realtime info exchange & capacity building.

Two day Drug Law Enforcement Steering Group meeting b/w India & US

Two day Drug Law Enforcement Steering Group meeting b/w India & USA commenced at NCB Headquater today. Deliberations will cover Darknet & internet pharmacy , Maritime drug trafficking , Parcel & courier trafficking.

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Drug Offenders

The drug offenders under NDPS Act invite severe and stringent punitive actions under law and NCB appeals all citizens to not to indulge in trafficking and consumption of drugs.

Proclaimed Offenders : NCB requests the courts to declare any offender under NDPS Act who has suffered declaration after proclamation under Section 82 (1) or Section 82 (4) Cr. P.C. according to Section 82 (2), (3) and Section 82 (5) CrPC.

PITNDPS Detention : PITNDPS Act, 1988 allows preventive detention of habitual drugs-crime offenders for up to two years. JS(PITNDPS), MoF is the competent Authority for issuing detention orders for NCB sponsored proposals.


International Cooperation

Illicit Drug trafficking is a major transnational organized crime with the potential to undermine national security. The growing nexus between drug smugglers and terrorist groups is a serious concern. Such complex security concerns can only be dealt with holistic and cooperative relations with all other nations, who are also facing such serious concerns. NCB, India shares cordial and friendly relations with international drug law enforcement agencies worldwide on drug supply reduction. The Director General, NCB is the competent authority for controlled delivery operations in India and abroad.




Bilateral Agreements


Extradition Treaties


The misuse and abuse of prohibited and prescription drugs amongst youth is a major health problem also identified internationally. The national survey of drug dependence published in 2019 explains the gravity of situation. Narcotics Control Bureau shares responsibility of Drug demand reduction and endeavours to aware the youth on harmful effects of drug abuse.

Hon'ble Prime Minister's Message to the nation on International Anti-Drug Day on 26th June

Hon'ble Home Minister's Message to the nation on International Anti-Drug Day on 26th June.

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